It’s Time to Conduct Your TABC Online Compliance Audit

TABC is sending the following message to all permittees and licensees with a physical premises in Texas. All permittees and licenses, other than holders of nonresident permits and licenses, are encouraged to perform a compliance audit using TABC’s mobile app by December 1, 2020. Exceptions can be made for people lacking the appropriate technology, but almost all businesses should be able to conduct the audit using the app. Doing so reduces the likelihood of being audited in person and other adverse consequences.

Please read TABC’s message below and follow the instructions.


Dear TABC License/Permit Holder,

It’s time for your annual compliance report. Under state law, your business needs to use the TABC: Compliance Reporting mobile app to complete and submit your report. You’ll need to do this for each of your licensed or permitted locations in Texas.

The reporting period begins Sept. 15 and ends Dec. 1. This gives your business several months to use the app (available on Android and iOS) to complete your report(s) at your own convenience. Inspections through the Compliance Reporting app are quick and replace long on-site inspections with a TABC auditor.

Returning Users (Already Registered in the Administrative Portal)

If your business entity completed a compliance report in 2019 or you have already registered the entity and its associated licenses/permits in the Compliance Reporting Administrative Portal, you’re ready to go. Simply ask the designated administrator(s) or user(s) for that entity to log in to the TABC: Compliance Reporting app to begin completing the report(s).

  • Returning users can use the Administrative Portal to check information and update the people responsible for completing the report(s). You can also use the portal if your business entity added a new licensed or permitted location since your last report in 2019. Visit the Administrative Portal.
  • If you have a license or permit under a new business entity that did not submit a 2019 compliance report, follow the registration process for new users below.

New Users: Register Your Business Online

Important notice: This process is required for all new business entities. If your entity is already registered, any new permit issued to the entity will be automatically associated with it in the Administrative Portal.

  1. Choose one person to act as the primary administrator for your business’s compliance reporting responsibilities.
  2. The administrator must open the registration link in a web browser and complete the online registration process only once.

After Registration: Download the App and Log in to the Administrative Portal

  1. After registering, the administrator can download the TABC: Compliance Reporting app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and use the app’s features.
  2. The administrator can log in to the Compliance Reporting Administrative Portal . The portal allows businesses to add more administrators or users, authorize them to help manage compliance reporting responsibilities, and assign specific people to complete report(s) on the app for specific locations. This is useful for businesses with multiple locations.

Guides and Getting Help

  • Visit TABC’s website for step-by-step guidance on registering for, downloading and using the TABC: Compliance Reporting app.
  • If you need help after reviewing the guidance in the link above, send a help request.

If You Can’t Open the Registration or Administrative Portal Websites

  1. Make sure you’re using an updated version of your web browser. Supported browsers are: Chrome 68+, Internet Explorer 11+, Safari 11+ and Firefox 62+.
  2. Enable TLS 1.2 on your web browser (required for security). Learn how here.
  3. If the above steps do not fix the problem, submit a CR Help Request.

Compliance Tips

  • Not posting the required signs is a common area of non-compliance for businesses.
  • Visit TABC’s website to review and print the signs that your business is required to display, or visit a local TABC office.
  • Display your required signs properly before conducting your inspection in the app.

The annual compliance reporting period begins Sept. 15. The last day to submit the required compliance report for each of your licensed/permitted locations is Dec. 1.

By using the TABC Compliance Reporting app, you’ll spend less time meeting regulatory requirements while also improving the safety of your community.

Thank you for your partnership.


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