Your Texas Liquor Lawyers

Martin Frost & HillĀ is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of Texas and federal liquor laws and we provide a wide range of services related to TABC and TTB permitting licensing and compliance.

We represent alcoholic beverage retailers, marketers, importers and manufacturers in all matters related to their regulated operations and liquor license procedures. In addition to TABC permits and TTB permits, we also help our clients obtain and maintain many other state and local approvals that are often associated with retail operations, such as tobacco products retailer permits and lottery retailer licenses, as well as local government certificates of occupancy, specific use permits, and other local authorizations.

While our primary focus is on helping our clients obtain and maintain the permits required for their Texas operations, our services extend far beyond TABC and TTB permitting alone. We have helped our clients expand into other states, obtained approval of novel marketing programs, represented our clients in the rulemaking process before the TABC, and acted as consultants in lobbying efforts before the Texas legislature, among other projects. With this depth of experience we can serve as a resource in addressing any legal question involving alcoholic beverages in Texas and beyond.

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