DOT Guidance on Transporting Hand Sanitizer

Today, the Texas Distilled Spirits Association organized a presentation by the U.S. Department of Transportation to provide training on the transportation of hand sanitizer. Because hand sanitizer is very flammable, there are regulations governing things such as the size of the containers, labeling, placards on shipping vehicles, and the shipping papers that must accompany shipments.

You can find the DOT’s slides here.

The regulations apply to distilleries transporting in their own vehicles and to common carriers like FedEx and UPS.

DOT has waived some of the registration and training requirements for shipments of containers holding less than 119 gallons, but all registration and training requirements remain in place for shipments of containers holding more than 119 gallons.

DOT provided the following contact information and encouraged all distilleries that are transporting hand sanitizer to contact the agency with any questions:

Thanks to TDSA for organizing this presentation. We encourage distilleries to watch TDSA’s website and the American Craft Spirits Association’s website for regularly updated Covid-19 information.

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