Assistance with TABC Permits and TTB Permits

The attorneys and staff of Martin Frost & Hill are here to help you navigate the process of obtaining, renewing and amending your TABC permits and TTB permits. Our lawyers have over fifty years of combined experience interpreting Texas liquor laws and federal alcohol regulations. We have helped clients in Austin and across the state get the liquor licenses they need to operate lawfully and stay in compliance with the TABC, TTB and local agencies.

Our job does not end when the TABC permits and TTB permits have been issued. We remain a valuable resource to our clients, offering counseling and guidance on a variety of on-going regulatory compliance matters, such as TTB label approval, marketing practices advice on promotions and events, and when and how to report changes to a liquor license to TABC and TTB.

For more information, please visit our library of online Texas liquor license resources, or contact us for an appointment.

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