Texas Alcoholic Beverage Deliveries


Between the current regulations and Governor Abbott’s recent press release, there are a lot of questions surrounding alcoholic beverage delivery options for retail permittees in Texas during these troubled times.

TABC has a Coronavirus FAQ that answers many questions related to delivery and other compliance, licensing, and enforcement issues. While (at least as of this writing) it has yet to be updated with new waivers offered in the Governor’s press release, we’re sure it will be soon. Watch TABC’s page for updates direct from the agency. Also, subscribe to TABC’s email lists (top right corner of TABC’s website) and follow them on social media for the latest info on exceptions and relevant news.

MFH’s clear takeaways from the press release:

  • a Mixed Beverage (MB) permittee does not need a subordinate Food and Beverage Certificate (FB) to deliver alcoholic beverages; and
  • delivery must be accompanied by food.

We’re waiting on clarification as to whether

  • “mixed drinks” referenced in the release means MBs can deliver spirits in non-factory sealed containers, like a cocktail mixed on premises or shots; and
  • “delivery” allows for the inclusion of alcoholic beverages in curbside or takeout.

Stay safe and healthy!

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