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TTB Issues New Guidance on Hand Sanitizer Production

Any distillery making or thinking about making hand sanitizer should read TTB’s new guidance, which contains a lot of great information. Importantly, TTB has waived formula approval requirements for hand sanitizer made according to this guidance from the FDA. TTB has also made clear … Continue reading

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Repurchasing of Product from Retailers

On March 18, 2020, Governor Abbott issued a press release that “directed the TABC to waive certain provisions to allow manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of alcohol beverages to repurchase or sell back unopened product.”  In response, the TABC posted a … Continue reading

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Hand Sanitizer Guidance from the American Craft Spirits Association

On March 23, 2020, MFH listened in on a very helpful webinar presented by the American Craft Spirits Association. ACSA will be making the presentation slides and other resources available. Please contact Kimberly Frost at if you’d like her … Continue reading

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TABC Issues Alcoholic Beverage Delivery Guidance

TABC has updated its guidance on alcoholic beverage delivery. TABC’s complete statement MFH’s read of TABC’s statement is that holders of a Mixed Beverage Permit without a Food and Beverage Certificate that (1) have permanent food services capabilities at the premises and … Continue reading

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Texas Alcoholic Beverage Deliveries

Friends, Between the current regulations and Governor Abbott’s recent press release, there are a lot of questions surrounding alcoholic beverage delivery options for retail permittees in Texas during these troubled times. TABC has a Coronavirus FAQ that answers many questions related to delivery … Continue reading

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