Effective immediately, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has stopped mailing out paper renewal application forms. Instead, the commission is sending postcards like the one below to remind permit and license holders to renew and to encourage you to renew using the commission’s online portal.

To renew online, an officer or manager of the permittee or licensee who has been reported to TABC must first register your company with TABC by clicking on this link. Once your company has been registered, the officer/manager can renew all permits and licenses online if the company has no changes to report. If there are changes to report, the changes and renewal application must be filed on paper forms before the permit or license expires.

If you would like Martin Frost & Hill to file renewal applications for you, log onto the account that you registered for your company and select “Authorized Representative.” Then add one or more of our paralegals using her email address:

Rebecca Dacke:

Amy Igo:

Tracy Borrel:

Please let us know when you’ve added us as an Authorized Representative so we can calendar your renewals.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about the new renewal process or other matters affecting your alcoholic beverage operations. You can reach any of us at (512) 473-0300.

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